Monday, 14 July 2014

Something jelly belly about Jelly Bean

I have been updating my Samsung Tab 10.1 quite a while ago. Was really excited back then due to all the hype about Jelly Bean firmware (or whatever they call it) but have yet to really experience the new layout and latest features until recently.

I have been a strong Android user since it first started as I believe that some basic apps are just not worth buying (in addition being a thrifty student). However, I'm a convert (to Ios) since I got the phone for free (hehe) so now am enjoying the best of both world.

Call me old fashion but I'm pretty accustomed to the old layout and the new upgrade seems out of place. The battery indicator, time and internet connection shows on top of the panel, arghh...kinda tick me off a bit especially when I'm trying to keep track of time when playing the 'harvesting' related games.

Anyway, the most convenient icon that I really missed the most is the built-in screen capture function, right-side below the screen (was beside the active apps list icon). How to screen capture through you tablet? It's not as easy as you think.

1. Press and hold (power button + volume down)
2. Keep on pressing until you see the white flashes, then release (about 3 seconds)
3. Other option is to go Setting > Device section > More setting > Quick launch, then choose Screen capture. Unfortunately, my tablet doesn't have that option so I guess I have to stick to this method.

Tried and tested for 10 minutes before getting it right. Not fun but yah, just bear with it until next generation of tablet is in store. * I'm expecting something very lightweight, portable, excellent display, perhaps with holographic option ? My money is on the table *

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