Thursday, 17 July 2014

Lazy girl guide: Easy spaghetti bolognaise

Today is your off day. Looking outside the window, you can see series of greyed cloud with light cold drizzle. Somehow your blanket is your BFF, you are still in your pajama and you have the feeling of love-and-hate relationship over why you should go outside and do something instead of sitting down whole day watching you favorite tv series, warm cuppa hot choco and your soft pillows.

Seems familiar? I always enjoy a day out when it gets breezy (soft breeze, not the cold wet ones) but sometime I felt like I deserve that sit-around-and -do-nothing day. And when I do, I always make a trip or two in the kitchen preparing comfort food. One of the easiest are Spaghetti Bolognaise. As per mentioned, it is a lazy guide not restaurant specials ;-)

Here are the basic item:
1. 200g of minced meat (I prefer beef over chicken as chicken tends to be 'plasticky' when over cooked).
2. Can of tomato puree (optional: with one cup of diced tomato laying around.sometime, the puree is too sour for my liking) OR Ready made spaghetti sauce (Preggo etc)
3. Chopped garlic & onions
4. Spaghetti (cooked al dente, with olive oil and some salt)
5. Salt & black pepper for seasoning

Optional (for that extra kick)
5. Dried chillies - boiled with hot water then strain. Fry over with a table spoon of oil till crispy & fragrant
6. Diced carrot
7. Grated parmesan for serving

1. Marinate minced meat 15 minutes before it hits the pan with salt & pepper
2. Slightly heat chopped onions and garlic until fragrant then add in the marinted beef. Stir the meat until browned then add on diced tomato and/or diced carrot.
3. Stir again for 5 minutes then add on tomato puree/ready made sauce
4. Stir everything together, add a bit of water if necessary (to ensure the meat is properly cooked especially if half thawed). Add on the fried chillies and reduce the heat.
5. Simmer until the meat and veges are evenly cooked. Once the sauce thickens, voila! Serve on top of the spaghetti, with a dash of grated parmesan.

Bon appetitè!

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