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Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) : For sinusitis

To be honest, I used to be not a great fan of coconut. When I was a kid, coconut can be found abudantly in my dad's kampung (hometown). On a hot afternoon, my grandfather or uncle would open up the coconut for the family to enjoy. I only drank small cup of the coconut water due to the soury nutty taste.

After living in the city, I begin to appreciate all that. Sometime it is hard to find fresh coconut when I need it (or feel like drinking it). For those who didn't know, drinking coconut juice not only quench your thirst (to avoid those soda drink which is full of sugar and preservatives), but it also works whenever you are feeling 'heaty'. Some people even used it to cure dengue fever.

Anyway, recently there have been such hype about coconut. People are going nuts over its oil, especially virgin coconut oil. Just like the old folks said, coconut has 1001 uses, from the juice, husk, oil etc...every part of the coconut tree will be used up to make things. Coconut oil have been around for ages, and was used by people mainly from the tropical regions. It is used as part of the ayurvedic medicine and even in baby formula, sports drink and enery bar!

I've been reading a lot about VCO in the past year, however I never really put a serious thought about it. That is until I saw an article in local newspaper that VCO can alleviate nose congestion from sinus. It is said that due to the anti bacterial properties in VCO can 'cleanse' your body from accumulated toxin, mucous and bacteria in your nose.

 I have been suffering from chronic sinusitis for years now and I have tried several ways from popping on Clarinase and other types of anti-histamine pills (forgot the names), salt water (I haven't tried netipot though) and along the way suffered mild tinnitus, loss my sense of smell, migraine and itchy in facial areas.

So, from there I bought my first bottle of VCO ( Organic VCO by Biohealth, 125ml for RM38 at Watson). According to my research, there are three methods that you can do to solve sinusitis problems:

1. By consuming VCO, 2tbsp per day (in the morning after breakfast and at night before bedtime)
2. Dripping 1-2 drip of VCO directly into your nostril (you must be in sleeping position to make sure the oil drained back on your throat).
3. Through oil pulling, by 'push & pull' 1tbsp of oil in your mouth for 5-20mins. This method removes unwanted bacteria and mucous, leaving out healthy probiotic strain. Do not gargle, avoid throat area while 'swishing' and spit out the oil right after (you don't want to eat those yucky leftover right?). Best time to do in early morning.

After effect:

Its been 3 days after I consumed VCO, so far my nose is halfway clear. It helps because the brand that I bought smells like coconut candy and taste like one, minus the sweetness and the greasy feeling you get from consuming oil.

I also insert 2 drips of VCO in my nostril. It's not that bad, smells good, did not hurt a bit. You just got to relax and keep calm. Since I did not have any big needle syringe or a dripper, it gets a bit messy (using my finger). Nonetheless, I just rubbed of the remaining oil at my cracked heel.

Most people consuming VCO mentioned that there will be a healing crisis where your body will experience some side effect (such as fever, fatigue etc.). So far as for me, I felt some tingling sensation (itchy) in my ears, facial and scalp. Let's hope it will be over soon.

For full list of the benefit of VCO, you can refer to this link

1. To experience better after effect, kindly avoid dairy food and drink a LOT of water. You will feel you phlegm will be thinner and can easily breathe...something that I can't really stick to

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