Sunday, 26 April 2015

Body Issue: Low Carbing as a Lifestyle?

In general, it is easier to gain weight than to lose em'.

Not applicable to all but most of us (I would like to believe) is facing the hard truth of maintaining a perfect-size figure to exclude ourselves in becoming the subject of mockery.

I'm not sure how it all begin but I used to be skinny and have no problems in eating any kind of food, anytime and anywhere I want and still look the same. Everything changes when I started to work in office-environment and having the pleasure of earning my own income (buying and eating food that I never had a chance to taste when I was a student). On top of that, probably age and my sedentary lifestyle is also the main cause of my 'expansion' moment so..yeah, my body changes and I can't seem to stop expanding although eating less (thanks to binge eating).

After trying lots of products, types of exercises, juicing and what not...I almost gave up and actually beginning to accept myself for who I am. Until I came across a facebook page which shares tons of great low-carbohydrate recipes which I think is pretty interesting, fun and some of it is ridiculously easy to make. (You can try to search under the name - 'Low Carbing Among Friends'). Hence, I did my research and saw that Atkins diet is associated with low carb menus and I even joined a local support group on people practicing Atkins diet.

My curiosity get the best of me, I even tried the first phase of Atkins but I only managed to last for 5 days due to my ever-long love and hate relationship with sugar. Even for 5 days, I managed to lose 3 kg and remain static until now, provided I balanced my carbs days with low carb days. So, yeah..thank God for low-carb food! And oh..not forgetting to exercise at least 3 times a week.

The struggle is real, people. Consider yourself lucky if you don't have any problems in maintaining your figure. For people like me, we miss our old body, we envy those who can enjoy their sweet dessert for every meal and yes, we cry a little inside because some people talk to us as if we killed a man or something (most probably only a chicken because we eat everything that is served on top of our table)

My face everytime I'm reading the scale

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