Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Being 30 and that bucket list

Nope, it's not my birthday. Just thinking about being 30. What else a girl should be worrying about other than getting old? Some say age is just a number but I believe it is a strong reminder for us to think back about the things we have done in the past, the valuable lesson and making the most out of the times left in this world (provided you are able to live a long healthy life).

Anyway, since I'm hitting the big number soon, I am looking forward to strike off that list that has been around for ages. Below are some of the things that I'm looking forward to achieve, if not before 30 at least before end of this year :

1. Obtaining a driving license
    - Been taking the theory test and what not, until now I'm still could not discipline myself to attend the classes on weekend and gathering enough courage to take the final test.
2. Vacay in Indonesia & Philippines (soon..at least one the destination)
3. Eat clean food. And by this, lessen all processed food (with hope to be healthier and size down)
4. Run that 10km marathon with proud (currently at 7km max)
5. Try to be a minimalist, especially on my closet
6. Participate in car boot sales (or any equavalent to it)
7. Try archery
8. Be a volunteer
9. Go for that interview that offer better career advancement
10. Settling my PTPTN's degree debt

That is a lot to achieve since there is only 4 months left before we say goodbye to 2014. What about you? What is your before 30 bucket list/before end of 2014 resolution?

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