Saturday, 25 April 2015

Ten things I love being an aunt

Hello lovelies,

It's been awhile since my last update. Heck, my last entry was back in late 2014 and now we are approaching the end quarter of 2015. 

Anyway, just wanna let you know that I'm an aunt (again) to a beautiful baby happy and can't wait to be back to my hometown and meet the lil' pumpkin.

You know the excitement right? That baby smell, those mini feet and chuckles (minus poos and crying moments of course lol) Thus, I would like to share my top 10 things-to-do list of a dutiful aunt in fulfilling her responsibility as the coolest aunt everrrrr:

1. Shopping time! especially for baby girl, the spending habit is most likely to be 1000 times more stronger. I mean, she NEED those cute crochet shoes, flowery hair bands and puffy dresses, no?
2. Be kind to the elder sibling(s) of the new baby...because you know how it feels to be left alone and lack of attention. Eh wait...aunty gotta kiss the new baby first before handing out the candy ok?
3. Becoming a human-tripod - selfie, taking photos and recording every second so you won't miss any moment (because you will miss it even more when they grow-up getting more annoying hoho)
4. Offer to baby-sit so that the new parent can have a breather or enjoying his/her 'me' time (and so I can have more time to selfie with the new baby)
5. Sing a lullaby or two (because nobody else can tolerate you voice except the innocent baby)
6. Searching for the right toys, for the right age and the right reason (toys for teething, toys for the baby to throw, educational toys, toys for cuddle etc etc)
7. Reading baby stuff like, why does baby fart smells like toxic? (just kidding there)
8. Keeping an eye on the surrounding, especially bugs like mosquitoes, ants and sometime jealous cat/dog (haha)
9. Sniffing on the baby-smell like oxygen
10. More shopping!! Yes, the baby need those pink-cuddly-fluffy bear

Picture courtesy of Pintrest

Also, please remind this aunty to write more okay? :-)

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